Team Energy Lighting specializes in the design and application of LED lighting technology for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential customers. Our staff has decades of experience working with clients, utilities, manufacturers in the application of efficient lighting solutions. We are a division of Team Energy Efficiency, LLC, a Washington State based general contractor.


Process and Services

Team Energy Lighting follows a detailed process which balances customer needs and desires, with operating efficiency and maximum payback and performance.  The Team Energy Lighting’s “single source”  approach incorporates the following steps.

  • Facility walkthrough and audit outlining current facility lighting
  • Customer interaction to determine usage patterns and areas for improvement and project scope
  • Lighting proposal detailing recommended products and measures, project cost, utility rebate, estimated energy and maintenance savings and estimated project ROI
  • Team Energy Lighting handles all utility applications, submittals, reviews and rebate negotiations, and ensures final payment of utility rebates and grants
  • Team Energy works directly with LED product manufacturers, designers and engineers to specify the best retrofit and new product solutions; and provide best cost solutions to its customers
  • Team Energy can assist in installation specifications, procedures and management
  • Team Energy Lighting can provide a complete “single-source” answer for your lighting upgrades including all installation labor, waste removal and recycling, warranty and operational assistance.

Interior Lighting

LED is an excellent choice for any interior lighting application.  Lower energy costs, longer service life and greatly reduced maintenance costs are some of the benefits of upgrading your lighting to LED.   Team Energy Lighting application engineers have extensive experience with:

  • Hallways, lobbies and parking common areas in apartments and condominiums
  • Warehouse and production area lighting
  • Office, restroom and meeting room lighting
  • Schools and classrooms, gymnasiums and lunchrooms
  • Showrooms and retail spaces
  • Parking facilities
  • Institutions, colleges and universities
  • Food processing and storage facilities
  • Government buildings and health care facilities
  • Private clubs and hospitality facilities

Exterior Lighting

LED is the only choice for exterior lighting applications.  Lower operating costs, and greater operating efficiency make LED the best alternative for enhanced security and safety in outdoor installations.  Team Energy has provided lighting solutions for the following exterior applications;

  • Outdoor parking lots
  • Exterior parking and common area lighting in apartments and condominiums
  • Auto-dealership lots and storage
  • Security lighting around buildings, institutions, and production facilities
  • Landscape and accent lighting
  • Storage facilities
  • Pole lights for street lighting in private communities
  • Parks and common area lighting for private communities


LED Lighting Auto-Dealer Service Drop-Off

In 2014, Team Energy Lighting upgraded the lighting for a number of auto-dealerships in the Greater Seattle Area.   In one dealership,   40W LED 2×2 Panels were used to replace 70W recessed metal halide fixtures in the dealerships service entry.   The old metal halide fixtures were inadequate, ballasts needed replacement and a number of lamps had…


Seattle Condominium Parking –  LED Lighting Upgrade

Team Energy Lighting replaced outdated metal halide lighting fixtures in the parking garage of a Downtown Seattle Luxury Condominium.   Fifty-six (56) 100W and thirteen (13) 175W fixtures were replaced with new 40W and 30W LED canopy style fixtures.   The fixtures in the parking garage are on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and…



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